Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators For Windows Computers

Nintendo 3DS

Let us begin with a moment of silence for the recently discontinued (namely, in September 2020) Nintendo 3DS, the last of the great lineage of Nintendo’s dedicated handheld gaming consoles: website information was quietly removed, leaving only scarce support documentation, which is expected to be gone soon, too. It’s most likely this console is the … Read more

Playing Games On Original Console vs. Emulation


Similar to PC vs console gaming, this debate has also been going on ever since emulators came to be, back in the early to mid-’90s, and it’s quite difficult to objectively decide which one is better out of the two – it’s mostly a matter of personal preference and, sometimes, available budget. The best way … Read more

Citra vs. RetroArch Emulator Comparison

Citra vs. RetroArch

There are plenty of challenges that come with emulating games. You have to work out all of the interface bugs, how you’re going to ensure that they’re completely functional and how each step of the programming language should look. For this reason and a handful of others, a lot of emulators are open source, meaning … Read more