Citra Mac is a work in progress emulator for the Nintendo 3DS that is being developed by the same people behind the Windows version of the emulator. Citra Mac can currently emulate a wide variety of games from the Nintendo 3DS on the Mac OS X but when compared to the windows version does fall short but manages to get the job done. Citra can reliable emulate most popular Nintendo 3DS games which include Pokémon Sun & Moon and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D but you’ll need a considerably powerful Mac to pull it off.

Citra for Mac relies more on your CPU than the GPU which makes it important to make sure that your CPU has enough power to emulate games. Follow these steps to download and setup Citra Mac on your Mac OS X.

  1. Download the official Mac release from the official site.
  2. From the downloaded folder copy all the files besides the License and Readme file.
  3. Transfer the files to the Application Folder
  4. After moving the files, run the Citra-qt application to run Citra.
  5. Navigate to the folder where your Nintendo 3DS game through Citra and launch the game
  6. Enjoy!

Citra is still a work in progress with updates almost every other day that make small and major improvements on the performance of the game and the precision of the emulated games. We’ll keep you updated as any new info about Citra Mac comes out.